Newsletter Aug 2021

In this newsletter:

  • Mysterious Curlews, focus groups and plenty of goose poop – it has been an eventful past six months!
  • Curlew tracking on Anglesey
  • Greenland White-fronted Geese: Vegetation sampling and faecal collections
  • The ECHOES Web Platform: A useful tool for anyone who manages coastal land 
  • World Curlew Day 
  • ECHOES researcher engages with 1,500 children during Green Schools Ireland event  
  • Digging for invertebrates 
  • Meet the team 

Newsletter Dec 2020

In this newsletter:

  • Moving forward after a bumpy start
  • The ECHOES project launch
  • Ramblings of a Project Manager: Hosting Webinars
  • Ringing and tagging has begun
  • Plea to bird watchers: Please report ringed Curlew!
  • Have you spotted any Greenland White-fronted Geese?
  • Bird species distribution modelling across coastal habitats
  • Habitat and landcover mapping
  • Web platform – Tools, design and development
  • Meet the team!
  • Introducing our project illustrations