Plea to bird watchers: Please report ringed Curlew!

The first group of wintering curlew on the Dyfi Estuary have now been fitted with British Trust for Ornithology rings and individual recognisable engraved colour-rings as part of a new research investigation. The ECHOES project will study curlew winter distribution and vulnerability to climate change in west Wales.

This is a plea to bird watchers, and especially those interested in shore birds, to carefully record the colour and position of any colour-rings (including whenever possible the two-digit code on the larger colour-ring) on curlew spotted in inter-tidal areas of estuaries, salt marsh and adjacent farmland along the coast, and to report them to

Repeated sightings of these individually marked birds are vital to help us to appreciate how site faithful curlew are throughout the winter, and to identify where the birds most frequently forage, roost and rest. This will help to identify critical coastal habitats that support this species of significant conservation concern.

Colour-marked curlew. Photo: Tony Cross, Aberystwyth University, ECHOES