Stakeholder engagement


Throughout the ECHOES project, the team will be reaching out to those who enjoy, live and work near our study sites and those who are part of coastal communities up and down the Irish Sea coast.

An overarching goal of the project is to raise awareness of the potential impacts of climate change and our shared challenges and opportunities. The ECHOES team will look to engage with existing groups using technology, events and workshops from schools to volunteer groups to build a picture of our current shared understanding and to inform everyone about how the project is going and what we are finding along the way.

Other engagement will be with potential users of the ECHOES platform such as those involved in the management and conservation of birds and habitat along coastal sites and those making policy to protect these areas. The team will work together to gather ideas and requirements of these user groups to feed into the tools and information that will be made available through the ECHOES platform. 

Lead: Geo Smart Decisions