Habitat and land cover mapping


The ECHOES project will be generating a set of habitat/land cover maps from open source Earth Observation imagery based on a machine learning approach, for the areas studied in both Ireland and Wales. Working closely with those collecting vegetation data in the field, modellers will define the standards and resolution of the maps that will be compatible with the Species Distribution Modelling (SDM) activities. The ECHOES project is also looking into automating the process of identifying change to the habitats/land cover to assess the dynamics of change at the field sites. The ECHOES team is working with stakeholders to ensure that the processes, tools and outputs generated will be relevant and appropriate, and accessible through the public-facing ECHOES platform.

Lead: University College Cork

Presentation given by Dr Walther Cámaro at the ECHOES Closure Conference held in Aberystwyth on 9 March 2023 (re-recorded due to technical issues).

Research poster presented by Dr Walther Cámaro on behalf of himself and Dr Fiona Cawkwell at the Living Planet Symposium in Bonn, May 2022.

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